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This page is really for my thoughts. This could be anything in my life and subjects that I am interested in ranging from reiki, shamanism, spirituality, health, philosophy, mythology and many other things. This is also an extension to twitter account. I am not able to put a direct link to my twitter account on here due to the limits on this website account. This will change when I have my new website up and running but for now my twitter account is @jamesholistic 


What does it mean for me to be awakened in this new golden age? 

I would like to compare this the sunrising in the morning, one of the most spectacular wonders to witness and over the last eight years I am seen many. If you have not I will try and explain it best I can, if you have then hopefully you can visualise or remember the feelings that stires from within.

Each sunrise is a little bit different as each moment is different but one aspect that remains the same is at first light (before the rise) everything appears to be visible although dim looking as the sun greets us it casts a strong shadow over the horizon blocking out the detail of the surrounding. We still know that they are there by its features but it is almost like it becomes hollow. The birds become aware of the change like they are honouring the return of morning light in its full glory. As the sun passes through its rotation illuminating the whole of the world, everything becomes hollow and still at that moment the sun embraces the sky.

If we focus on this same stillness from within us, we becomes at one with everything like the sun. Our star is seen for many light years in all direction. If we become aware of our unity with everything we can feel and see in all directions. We come in the world hollow and we move within this world hollow. A tree that survived many centuries becomes hollow as it sheds its many rings of its youth. We can do so by becoming that silouette illuminated by the sun. When the sun moves on you can still feel the warmth but you can really see the detail and what is real. 

So as the sun wakes, we wake up too. So awareness comes from stillness.

When the mind is still you start to be more aware of the moment. Check out my next tweet Eckhart Tolle explains this in an interview.
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